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Special Assistance

KLIA provides attention and care to our disabled guests and those needing special assistance.


All of our terminals offer ramps and elevators, restrooms, telephones, special parking bays and drop off points and numerous other facilities and services that are easily accessible.

If you wish to remain in your own wheelchair when proceeding to the aircraft door rather than using the airline wheelchair at check-in, please notify your airline of your needs and check your airline’s policy. Also, be sure to request for complimentary ground assistance and the airline's personnel will assist you and take care of your needs.

As navigating through an airport can be a daunting experience for anyone, especially those with autism. Being a Caring Host, we want to ensure inclusivity where everyone can have a Joyful Experience at our airport. This is what we call The Butterfly Effect. Look out for The Butterfly Effect sign throughout the airport to enjoy the facilities.

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