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 Covid-19 Preventive Measure At OurCOVID-19 Preventive Measures At Our Airports

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Covid-19 Preventive Measure

img WE are excited to see you again!

As the country’s tourism and domestic flight routes resume, Malaysia Airports has geared up efforts to protect you and everyone in the airport community. These efforts are in collaboration with all government agencies operating at the airport, airline partners, ground handlers and retailers.

Rest assured that our airports have been disinfected and sanitised so your travelling journey is seamless and safe as we continue to host joyful connections. We would like to remind you that it is also imperative all parties strictly adhere to all the safety procedures as we work together to combat the pandemic’s spread.

Our main aim is to facilitate a safe and welcoming passenger flow for both departing and arriving guests. From focusing on strict social distancing measures to ensuring the availability of personal protection equipment, we serve to complement our airline partners’ new safety protocols as well.




Steps taken to ensure guests travel in a clean safe include disinfecting and sanitising our airports. The disinfection teams thoroughly clean all our terminals eight times a day with a water-based disinfectant.

Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) Method

By applying the UVGI method, Malaysia Aiports has deployed the UV Light Disinfetion Robot as an added part of our disinfection process. By mapping through the terminal, the robot emits short UV light wavelength, eliminating pathogens in the air.

Dry-Mist Fumigation Method

Effectively killing 99.9% of harmful microorganisms, this method is also used to keep our facilities sanitised in combating COVID-19. Nano mist of disinfectant substance are dispersed through:

  • Atomising Fog Machine
  • Blu-ray Anion Nano Spray Gun; and
  • Micro Mist Blower





One of the keys to breaking the chain of COVID-19 infection is by ensuring we keep a safe distance from others. As such, social distancing markers have been placed throughout out all our airports to help you maintain a one-metre distance.




In our effort to reduce physical contact during your journey through our airports, contactless technology has been installed at checkpoints namely:

  • Thermal sensors and smart screen helmets to detect body temperatures – only those with temperatures below 37.5’C may enter the terminal.
  • Facial recognition technology
  • Contactless security screening
  • Sneeze guard protectors at all counters
  • Encouraging the usage of mobile payment via apps such as Boost Touch ‘n Go, GrabPay, mPay and Samsung Pay at all our retail outlets




Malaysia Airports has been practicing the following stringent safety measures for your added protection at our airports such as compulsory usage of facemask, good personal hygiene with easily accessible hand sanitisers and safety messages throughout our terminals.

We have also put in place vending machines selling face masks, hand sanitisers and other essential travel items at the terminal entrance for those who forgot to bring face.





Malaysia Airports is also supportive of the government’s efforts by ensuring all retailers at the airports implement the contact tracing applications such as ‘MYSejahtera’ and ‘SELangkah’ at all airport retailers. Passengers are advised to arrive at least 3 hours before their flight to avoid any inconveniences in light of the implementation of the additional procedures and kindly refer to the airline companies for further guidelines on safety measures when on board your flight. If you require further information, please refer to our website at or our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.